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Lighthouse CFO Group

Guiding the way to success for business owners and entrepreneurs.


We are your trusted source for outsourced Chief Financial Officer and Controller services.  Providing financial guidance and personal service to business owners and management teams of start-ups and middle market companies established and emerging.  


Oversight & Staff
IT, Accounting & Financial

Cash Flow
Liquidity Awareness & Planning


Raising Capital/Capital Structure


Business Processes:
Increase Operation Efficiencies


Financial Projections
& Budgeting



We serve as part time or full time interim CFOs, or work on a project basis to find solutions during periods of transition or critical need.

Clients are typically closely held and/or managed, with our direction received from the CEO, owners, or the Board of Directors. We often work closely with executive managers to identify and resolve key issues and develop financial strategies supporting long term objectives.


Our Typical Client Profile

  • Small to mid-sized businesses
  • Start-up businesses that need financial oversight and lender communication
  • Existing businesses that have strong fundamentals but experiencing difficulty in the “back office”
  • Would like to complete some type of liquidity transaction but need to tighten up the back office operations and need help telling the financial story
  • Would like to grow the company but need a stronger foundation to build on
  • Executives or owners stretched too thin
  • Difficulty managing the non-technical side of the business
  • Fundamentally successful but experiencing cash flow or liquidity issues
  • Unable to get the management information they need to run the business

We have served clients in these industries:

Retail. Grocery. Quick Serve Restaurant. Construction.
Development. Property Management. Healthcare. Technology.

Finally I can see clearly where my business is and which way I need to go!
— Business Owner - Retail
I can honestly say without the communication and grasp of the numbers provided by you this deal would not have gotten done.
— Lender - Company Refinancing

 The signs.


Common scenarios & frustrations for
Start-ups & Existing Businesses


Do you have...

A complicated business model and the need to financially communicate with outside investors/lenders?

A great business plan and operations but are frustrated with the finance or accounting areas of the business?


With concerns or frustrations such as:

Can’t get timely financials that make any sense?

Spend countless hours every week just moving cash around trying to chase deposits and cover checks that are clearing?

Know or think the business is doing well, but never seem to have any cash in the bank?

Don't know why you have too much money in the bank?

Can't get timely and accurate information to make important operations decisions. Need to be able to project seasonal cash flow so you can plan ahead.

Ready to grow, but can’t get the loan or financing - need help showing the numbers and telling the financial story?

Still feel lost after replacing your CPA and or bookkeeper?

Feel like my accounting/CRM system is not performing, all the data goes in but I can't get anything out?



Whether you are an existing business or are just getting started,If you are experiencing any of the situations above now is a great time to start a conversation with Lighthouse CFO group.

We look forward to speaking with you!